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The Independent Health and Wellbeing Group 

Providing companies with women’s healthcare services including specialist menopause care and health screening solutions for all.

What we offer

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Interactive Webinars

We provide informative and collaborative webinars to train your staff. In easy bite-size 1 hour sessions, give your staff the health training they need to be a happy workforce!

Virtual menopause clinics

Our menopause specialists can assess and discuss any symptoms with your staff and can also offer treatment solutions if necessary.

In-person menopause training days

With millions of women in the UK workforce falling within the peri-menopausal to post-menopausal age range, it's crucial for businesses to understand and address the challenges and needs of these employees.

In-office menopause clinics

We can set up pop up clinics in your place of work to carry out full heath assessments, provide individual confidential reports and prescribe treatment options if needs be (these can also be hosted in our clinic if needed).

Menopause advocate training and certification

This training and certification provides specialised menopause support and awareness within the workplace to help reduce absenteeism, increase well-being and improve the organisational culture.

Annual health checks for your staff

Think of it like a medical MOT for your staff. Make sure that your employees are healthy and happy with our annual health check options.

- Menopause Advocate Training & Certification -

Intake date announced for September!

Why us?

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British Menopause Society accredited specialists, with years of experience in women’s healthcare, menopause care and wellbeing; we are your reliable partner for tailored solutions.

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Holistic approach

Our approach addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of health, ensuring comprehensive care.

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Our recommendations and training are backed by the latest research, offering you reliable insights.

Our founder, Hazel Hayden is a UK-leading expert in menopause and women's health. Featured in local and national press campaigns, you could not be in safer hands for training your staff.

What people have to say about us...

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Full training day, GKN 

"Thank you so much to you and your team of lovely ladies coming in on Wednesday. I’m so, so grateful for how fabulous you are and you really had that impact on everyone who came too!"
Happy Friends

Built with workplace health in mind.

Explore our resource section where we showcase helpful articles and press coverage of our services.

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