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Online Menopause Advocate Training & Certification


At your own pace

Welcome to our Menopause Advocate Training & Certification program, an eductional program that equips you with the knowledge and skills to make a significant impact in your workplace.

By understanding and addressing menopause, you'll reduce absenteeism, boost wellbeing, and foster a more inclusive and supportive organisational culture.

Course Structure:

Our comprehensive program is divided into six modules, each building on the previous one to create a holistic understanding of menopause and its effects in the workplace. Here's what you'll explore:

Module 1: Understanding Menopause and Andropause

Dive deep into the world of menopause and its male counterpart, andropause. Gain insights into the physiological and emotional aspects of these life stages.

Module 2: Becoming a Menopause Advocate

Learn the art of advocacy and effective communication. Understand how to create a safe and empathetic space for menopausal employees and colleagues.

Module 3: Treatment Options for Menopausal Symptoms

Explore various treatment options available to manage menopausal symptoms, from Hormone Replacement Therapy to alternative treatments.

Module 4: Lifestyle Changes for Menopausal Well-being

Uncover the lifestyle choices that can significantly impact menopausal wellbeing. Empower yourself and others to make positive changes.

Module 5: Addressing Mental Health

Delve into the emotional aspects of menopause, including mental health challenges. Learn how to provide support and resources to those in need.

Module 6: Providing Resources, Role-Play Scenarios, and Assessment

Put your knowledge into practice through role-play scenarios. Gain practical experience and complete assessments to ensure you're fully prepared to advocate for menopausal individuals.

Certification and Duration:

This online course can be completed in your own time. Upon successful completion of all six modules, you will receive a Menopause Advocate Certification. This certificate is a testament to your dedication to supporting your colleagues, promoting wellbeing, and creating a more inclusive workplace.

Contact us today to pre-register for the course and gain a 10% discount to get started on your journey towards becoming a certified Menopause Advocate.

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