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Changing The Way The Workplace See Periods

Education and products to support menstrual health in the workplace

Collaborating at Work

Smashing The Stigma At Work: A New Collaboration

At The Independent Health & Wellbeing Group, we provide menstrual health education to make sure that organisations have the knowledge and tools to better support their female workforce. Our partner Grace & Green are experts in sustainable menstrual products, and through Period Dignity, are on a mission to provide access to sustainable period products in the workplace.

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Book Your Staff Training Session

Business Meeting

Book Your Session Today For Only £350!

  • Delivered by medical experts with a deep understanding of menstrual health.

  • Practical strategies for fostering inclusivity and wellbeing at work.

  • Insights into challenges and solutions related to menstrual health.

  • Learn to create a supportive environment that benefits everyone.

  • Ideal for businesses looking to promote employee well-being and inclusivity.

  • Access to discounted office period products by our partner Grace & Green.

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