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Bristol-Based Menopause Services For Employees

Education and services to take care of your employee health

Collaborating at Work

We provide health services for Bristol businesses: In person and online

From lunchtime sessions on menstrual health and menopause, to training and certifications to become a menopause advocate, our team of health experts are here to support your business in fostering an inclusive and understanding work environment for employees.

Book Your Bristol Menopause Training Session

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Bristol Menopause Training Starting From Only £350!

  • Delivered by medical experts with a deep understanding of menstrual health.

  • Practical strategies for fostering inclusivity and wellbeing at work.

  • Insights into challenges and solutions related to menstrual health.

  • Learn to create a supportive environment that benefits everyone.

  • Ideal for businesses looking to promote employee well-being and inclusivity.

  • Access to discounted office period products by our partner Grace & Green.

Bristol in-person menopause training days

With millions of women in the UK workforce falling within the peri-menopausal to post-menopausal age range, it's crucial for businesses to understand and address the challenges and needs of these employees.

Health specialists based in Bristol

Our health group is based in Pill, Bristol, and compromises of The Bristol Health Hub, Bristol Menopause and Wellwoman Clinic and Menopause by Hazel.

Build a a Bristol workplace that favours inclusivity

Our founder, Hazel Hayden is a UK-leading expert in menopause and women's health. Featured in Bristol local and national press campaigns, you could not be in safer hands for training your staff.

Pop up medical clinic in Bristol for your employees

Our Menopause Popup Clinic is expertly designed to meet the unique needs of your staff. “We can offer in person (both at your workplace or at our private clinic) and virtual options, making it convenient for you to choose what suits your organisation best.

Discover our full range of Bristol services to help support your workforce

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